Bardsey Island near the Felin Uchaf Centre  off the Llyn peninsula, Gwynedd, north Wales

Felin Uchaf is a Visionary Social Enterprise


       pioneering a holistic approach to

              Education & the Environment,

                         to Culture & Community



                                      and Empowering

  young people and their local communities.

      What were doing......



  • developing an Eco-Visitor Centre for the interpretation of the area's natural history and cultural heritage, folklore and archaeology. Were a part of Wales's first Eco-Museum, celebrating the Llyn Peninsula's rich diversity of cultural and natural heritage


  • developing a Study Centre for young people - CLAS - The Centre for Living Arts and Science that will host a programme training courses on cultural and environmental themes. The CLAS Building will host a New Visitor Centre & a Field Centre for Holistic Education. Inspired by the Folk School movement originally founded by Grundtvig, and International Youth Initiative Programme of Scandinavian countries. if you would like to find out more about the new centre and proposed activities please click here.


  • providing a broad range of practical volunteering & work experience opportunities .....please click here


  • providing a year-round programme of cultural and heritage events - including spellbinding storytellings, magical music evenings, talks, seminars and festivals......please see the news pagefor the current events diary. For a prieview of  night in the roundhouse please follow the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4QxlPGnl0w&NR=1



                       Storytelling at Felin Uchaf Centre Roundhouse





  • we offer a  programme of heritage skills training courses and workshops both on site here at the centre.......please click... - or they can be tailored to your own requirements at your own venue. We also offer one year heritage skills training apprenticeships in partnership with the National Trust and the Tywi Centre.




What's New....


NEW JOB OPPORTUNITY.... Full time Environmental Projects Officer

Post appointment: initially for 2 years with the potential to become full time if the project develops successfully and further funding is secured

Purpose of the post:

  • To develop and deliver a programme of both practical rural & conservation skills activities and year-round wildlife events & activities, including skills training courses for both local people and volunteers. This will include working in partnership with a local and national organisations to provide a holistic programme of learning and development and to encourage and support the generation of new green initiatives in the area that make the best use of the local natural resources

• To train and coordinate trainees and volunteers in creating a range of eco-facilities including public access pathways, environmental interpretation & exhibition facilities and community resources at the Felin Uchaf Centre including developing a Forest Garden Project

closing date for applications : 31st March 2015

We expect to be interviewing shortlisted applicants and appoint the new staff at the end of early April 2015 for appointment by May at the latest

For further information please email the admissions officer at felinuchaf@hotmail.co.uk or click here to download a full job description and what you'll need to include in your application

This post is funded by Natural Resources Wales, a Welsh Government Sponsored Body.




Progress with the buildings...


The last oak peg has been driven into the New Visitor & Holistic Education Centre frame and the straw bale walling and lime plastering  is comple. .the volunteers have nailed over 4.5 km of cedar laths to the interior stud walls and packed in 1,500 sheeps fleeces for insulation and then lime plastered it all up!


The carved cruck oaked Centre for Living Arts and Science at the Felin Uchaf Folk School



volunteers on a thatching course finishing the reed ridge of the new oak framed  workshop


massive ring beams finish the green oak frames built by young volunteers at Felin Uchaf Centre             International volunteers on a straw bale  building course at the Felin Uchaf Centre 




We are very proud to announce that Alice Midmore, one of our long standing volunteers, has been nominated as one of the winners of the Green Volunteer of the Year 


        Alica Midmore Green Volunteering at Felin Uchaf Centre North Wales


raising the oak framed barn of our vistor centre....



Trainees and international young volunteer team at Felin Uchaf Centre


....here are our team of dedicated volunteers - both from nearby communities and as far away as New Zealand and China.



  International Volunteers on an eco-building training course at Felin Uchaf Centre, Noth Wales

                          the raising team !




           the raising team at the end of a hard day's lifting work 


   young trainees and volunteers raised a beautiful oak framed building at Felin Uchaf Centre


Volunteers are rasing the last 3 green-oak frames by hand with ropes and block and tackle



plus... weve also done this....


         Welsh oak was used to construct the green oak frames thet were raised by hand


Weve also raised beautiful cruck-oak frames for the second phase of the wooden boatbuilding workshop and we've taken delivery of our first restoration project a 14ft locally built clinker boat from Tudweiliog. The restoration project will continue through the winter and be run with the help of local boatbuilding expertise from the team at Clwb Hwylio Aberdaron - Sailing Club


wooden boatbuilding at Felin Uchaf Centre Llyn Peninsula North Wales


                      Hand raising a Welsh Cruck Barn at the Felin Uchaf Centre, North Wales


       " One, two, three.....HEAVE !"

 ...the completed cruck oak frames being raised by hand by trainees and students from our partners: the Tywi Heritage Skills Centre,near Llandeilo and young volunteers from 32 different countries all over of the world..

to see how volunteers helped raise a new oak framed    wooden boatbuilding workspace you can follow the link:                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3C69Tmy0ak&feature=related


                      the new boatbuilding workshop at Felin Uchaf Centre, Gwynedd, North Wales

the names of each volunteer's home country has been carved in their own language over the massive oak beams ofthe final cruck frame


here's a view over the amazing community garden that supplies us with all our nourishing biodynamic fruit and veg for the shared volunteer meals

Background to the project:


Since 2004 the charity has been transforming a traditional Welsh farm that had been redundant for decades into a Holistic Education Centre & Community Enterprise. The main aim of the centre's current 15 year building construction plan is to establish an International Youth Initiative Programme inspired by the word wide movement of Folk Schools ( http://yip.se/about/the_program_and_its_aims/ )


The Felin Uchaf eco-center is situated at the heart of the Llyn Peninsula on the shores of the Irish Sea, in North West Wales, an area of outstanding natural beauty, rich cultural history and proudly Welsh speaking communities.

Our current projects aim to showcase how locally sourced raw materials and traditional building skills can be creatively combined to construct contemporary workspaces for appropriately scaled rural enterprises. All of the varied building and landscaping projects underway at the centre have been carefully designed to create skills learning opportunities that enable as many different people as possible to get involved in  the construction

The Felin Uchaf Project is an opportunity to learn new skills, to share experiences and to contribute to the community and cultural life of a very special part of Wales.Being a part of this project has been a positive and life changing experience for very many people. We very much hope you will be inspired to join us in our initiative and look forward welcoming you to the centre



                             building a reciprocal frame roof on a new cob house at Felin Uchaf Centre near Aberdaron, North Wales



The development of our New CLAS Visitor Centre was supported by Communities and Nature, a strategic project led and managed by Natural Resources Wales, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government. The underlying ambition of Communities and Nature is to increase sustainable economic benefits and create jobs by utilising Wales’ natural capital. For further information about the work of the Welsh European Funding Office please visit their website at http://wefo.wales.gov.uk




  • Conserving and Enhancing the Habitats and Biodiversity within the existing farm and beyond, for the benefit of wildlife; the farmland is home to a number of rare plants and animals such as barn owls, hares and otters
  • Reviving the oral tradition of storytelling and music in the community with regular events in and around the centre (click here for the diary on the  News Page).

         For a prieview of  night in the roundhouse please follow the link:                                           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4QxlPGnl0w&NR=1

  • Providing an outdoor- field study resource for schools and colleges on such themes as ancient technologies, experimental archaeology, Celtic heritage, sustainable land use, ecological and traditional building methods and biodiversity


  • Growing our food on the centres 23 acre Community Organic-Biodynamic Farm and providing the trainees & volunteers with wholesome Organic-Biodynamic Vegetables and establishing a Wild Pharmacy - community herb garden to revive the growing and use of indigenous hebs


  • Providing support and training for a wide variety of probation service users such as young offenders groups and probation service clients on community service placements and host young people on John Muir and Duke of Edinburgh Award Schemes


  • Providing a vital support for Educators and promoting holistic educational methods inspired by the Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf educational approach





                   Arleen Sinclairfrom Scotland  cutting tenons on a green cruck oak frame at Felin Uchaf Centre

Volunteering in 2015:

If you are considering coming to volunteer at the centre then please click here for more information on the VOLUNTEERING page


during the past year over 190 different volunteers from both the local community and from all over the world gifted a staggering 23,000 precious hours of their time, energy and good company to the Felin Uchaf Centre ! In return they recived a warm welcome, learned some amazing skills and forged some wonderful friendships.


If you live locally to the peninsula then every Wednesday is a Local Volunteer Work Day from 10am to 4.00 pm click here for more information. Please contact the office if you would also like to come along on other days .


           traditional skills training courses at the Felin Uchaf Centre



for Residential Volunteers :

This year we will be giving accommodation priority to those volunteers who have experience in eco-building, carpentry or organic gardening.


The main project this winter will be building the new Eco-Designed Visitor centre


    • laying a stone floor on our new eco-visitor centre
    • lime plastering and limewashing
    • stone walling
    • internal carpentry
    • making a cob fireplace and oven
    • organic gardening and creating access paths

We are also looking for people with experience in fundraising skills. You may be able to help at the office here at the Centre or from your own location if you live further away.  Please contact Dafydd Davies-Hughes, Project Manager on 01758 780280 or felinuchaf@hotmail.co.uk for details.


Important reminder for prospective volunteers: All the work is physically demanding and you will need to be fit and well. Please be aware that even during the summer : conditions can be windy, wet and sometimes cold out here on the peninsula and you are advised to bring a set of warm clothes, waterproofs and a good quality warm sleeping bag.....and ( during the summer...) suntan cream and swimwear !



                               volunteers prepare for a round the world journey from the Felin Uchaf Centre near Aberdaron , Pen LLyn, North Wales

Through providing holistic, inspirational, hands-on learning opportunities within a cooperative environment, led by people skilled and passionate about what they do: people will develop a positive “can do” attitude towards their own lives, their communities and our shared natural environment.

Pablo Pilon a carpenter from Pau France helps volunteers  raising the green oak frames by hand

Storytelling in the Earthouse at the Felin Uchaf Centre, Gwynedd, North Wales

Haymaking at the felin Uchaf Community farm project, gwynedd, North wales

Earthouse Interior at the Felin Uchaf Centre, Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd, North Wales


The earthouse at the Felin Uchaf centre, Gwynedd , North Wales



Plastering the cob pillars on the Earthouse at the Felin Uchaf Centre, North wales



Young volunteers building a celtic roundhouse at the Felin Uchaf Centre, North Wales

built of local Welsh Oak by young trainees and volunteers at Felin Uchaf Centre near Aberdaron Wales






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